Sewing Lessons in Chesapeake, VA

Upcoming Sewing Classes:

Mon. July 1710:30 am or
Bernina Club
Tues. July 18 6:30- 8:30Free Motion Fun
Wed. July 19
10:30- 1:30
Upcycling Sewing
Wed. July 19
6:30-8:30Piecers of the Past
Thurs. July 20
10:30- 3:30
Scrappy Bee
Fri. July 2110:30- 2:30

Quilts of Valor

Midnight Madness Bee
Tues. July 25
10:30- 1:30
Sit & Sew Circular Embroidery Bag
Wed. July 26
10:00- 1:00
Apron Class
Thurs. July 27
Mon. July 31-
Fri. Aug.
9:00- 1:00Kids Camp


Class Policy

It has always been the policy of A Different Touch to pay for classes when you sign up for them. For a class to be offered during the daytime, there must be 3 students signed up and the class prepaid. For an evening or Sunday class there must be 5 students signed up and the class prepaid. If you cannot attend the class and you cancel one week prior to the date, you can have the class fee moved to another class or receive a refund. If you cancel after the allowable time, there will be no refund. It will be the instructor's decision to move the class fee to her next class.
We currently have several bees during the day and in the evening and we have the same requirements for attending bees. If you attend you must sign up and pay at the time of registration. If the bee or class is cancelled we need that information so we may contact you and let you know about the changes. If you fail to pre-register and the class or bee does not meet minimum attendance everyone will miss out on that opportunity. When you pay for a class the commitment is there to attend. If you are a regular member at any of our bees or classes, please make sure you call and sign up. All instructors will be grateful, knowing whether to be prepared or they have time off.